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Paid advertising, SEO, content marketing, reputation management and social media marketing has become an integral part of the marketing plan for most businesses with a presence online. Let my team with a combined experience of over 25 years experience, help you develop and execute a marketing strategy backed by data and expertise.



Communication is king. The demand for prompt communication has become significantly higher. Visitors to your website or social media business profile expect to get answers to questions quickly. Chat technology can help to bridge the gap between your time and your visitors immediate need for communication.



Financing for services

Working capital is available in partnership with a network of lending partners. Business lines of credit, revenue based lending, and term loans available at competitive rates to help you finance your marketing services.


We refer you to our network of lenders.



Let my team help you acquire customers, clients and patients depending on your industry and goals. We also help to create a system to cultivate those that have indicated an interest in your product or service.



Web development and design that converts. Any designer can create an attractive website. But is your website effective in getting your visitors to pick up the phone and call? Fill out your contact form? Purchase? Subscribe? Our sites convert. Let us help make yours convert too.



Funnels help give you an actionable visual representation of your digital marketing and operational plan.

We will consult with you to create a funnel that is customized according to your industry and focus. Whether you need a small funnel, focusing on a specific project. Or a larger focused designed funnel that emphasis the online support of the everyday operation of your organization.



Your online reputation is important. It can can play a significant role in gaining customers and keeping them. Me an my team will evaluate your online reputation. Then work to remove, push down unfavorable content using the most up to date SEO and content marketing techniques to emphasize the positive information about your business.

We also have systems in place to help you encourage your best customers to express their satisfaction on the most relevant review websites.



Did you know that it is possible, now more than ever, to leverage the power of television using OTT (Over the Top) media without pay the traditional astronomical prices for TV distribution? OTT makes it easier to leverage the power of television by spreading your content and message on platforms such as Roku and FireTV. By joining our TV network, you can leverage the same medium as Disney, CNN, Fox, HSN, QVC, FoodNetwork, etc.. We have partnered with media providers to enhance your campaign and channel with hundreds of recognizable networks like Bloomberg, Cheddar, Billboard, Examiner, New York Post, Howcast and more!

Automated Solution EXAMPLEs.

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Solutions for customer acquisition, retention and cultivation using our very own platforms and systems. Demo»


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Acquire and retain customers through many events throughout a person’s life like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and holidays. Experience our example demo.


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We offer several solutions to help real estate professionals increase and nurture their buyer and seller lists.

As well as automate the follow up process using mobile text messaging.

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Content marketing & Reputation management.

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Let’s discuss your project and needs. We design, market, develop effective strategies and blueprints and implement automation and process that “get’s the job done”.
If you’re organization is in need of funding, let us introduce you to our lending network who works with mostly ALL industries to secure working capital. Contact Us.