Turning occasional or first time visitors into a loyal customer as well as increasing customer frequency can grow your business substantially.  Mass promotions such as Groupon, local print coupons, and advertising are ineffective if you are unable to track attributable sales and identify your high value customers based on sales and frequency.

Let me and my team help you create a workable and easy autopilot system to allow you to enhance your marketing efforts as well as allow you to identify which customers are more frequent, how much they spend per offer as well as identify and laser target an additional high profit potential new customer.


Analytics/Competitive Intelligence

Data doesn’t lie! I will provide you with a full analysis of your competitors as well as provide you with a report revealing opportunities to gain more, clients, customers, or patients.

Social Network Campaigns

Advertising through social media is powerful because you can target your exact demographic. I can help you reach people based on demographic, your email list or website visitors by retargeting them as  navigate the web.

Marketing Strategy

Provides customized marketing campaigns that helps your business achieve its goals. Whether its more customers, clients, patients, or brand awareness, I have an effective strategy that gets results!


To get people to do the things that you want, engagement is essential. You have to capture their attention and give them an incentive to take action. Giveaways and Contests, when done right, provides a simple and highly effective way to capture engagement and even sales. Let me help you create a successful viral campaign. I can even provide the incentives!

Personalized Service

I pride myself on my unwavering desire to help every business that I work with succeed. My passion for internet marketing fuels my desire to provide a stellar personalized service. Your business success is ‘My Business’.

Mobile, Messenger & Voice

For the first time in the history of marketing, business owners are able to approach your customers in the places where they spend most of their time. Mobile provides instant communication and engagement with new developments utilizing SMS, chat, messenger and voice assistants. Providing your business an opportunity to leverage communication channels to help give almost immediate service and information to current customers as well as reach highly targeted potential new customers.

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Case Study

Customer Loyalty

THE OBJECTIVE: Build a database of customers to promote using SMS service and loyalty program.

The opt in was designed as a huge prize donated by a supplier. Customers Text keyword to number for a chance to win. During the giveaway event, every appetizer purchased customers received another entry to win.

45 day campaign

leads generated – 400 
sales generated– $6000 

Campaign Cost: $1095 value
ROI: $6000 *huge return on investment!

Demo Mobile VIP

Are you ready for…


Facebook messenger has opened up a whole world of possibilities for businesses, coaches, marketers, artists and influencers. It helps to breath new life into the typical fan page as well as keep customers engaged and excited. Combined with mobile wallets, you will be providing convenience and a powerful way to notify as well as reward your most valuable members of your audience or customer database.

These two advancements can increase the retention of your customers for years to come. Like Mobile Marketing,  it helps to increase profits in a much more predictable way, more so than ever before.

This new way of delivering loyalty, creates an asset, eliminates the opportunity for gaming the system, allows revenue to be tracked and helps you reward your most valuable customers.

By pushing special offers to the mobile wallet, creates an opportunity for revenue on demand. Finally, be able leverage seasonal opportunities like Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday and any “special day” that is exclusive to your business by having a higher viewer rate of your offers!

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